30 students from MIT in Boston at Unisannio

Also this year thirty students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) arrived at the University of Sannio. They spent a month of study in Italy to carry out an internship at the three Unisannio departments thanks to the letter of intent signed by the Samnite university with MIT MISTI Italy, the MIT body responsible for promoting international technical collaboration initiatives and scientific, directed by Dr. Serenella Sferza. Thanks to this agreement, followed by supervising teachers, they carry out specific projects on cutting-edge issues compared to the state of the art at an international level in the field of engineering, economics, law and biology. It is the third year that American students have been welcomed by Unisannio. In 2018, five MIT boys were involved in project activities with different research groups from the Samnite university. Subsequently, requests for an internship in Benevento also increased thanks to the positive feedback from the participating students. Last January 2019, another 30 students were hosted at the Samnite university, so this year, consolidating the relationship with MIT and the interest of overseas students in the study and research activities carried out at Unisannio. MIT students collaborate on specific projects with about thirty teachers from the University of Sannio, as well as with students, postdoctoral students and doctoral students. At the welcome event, together with the rector Gerardo Canfora, and the coordinator for the University of Sannio of the "Connecting Unisannio and MIT" project, Silvia Liberata Ullo, the schools of Benevento were present who agreed to include some of their students in the study groups at Unisannio to support them with MIT students. In addition to the MIT Alumni Association and MIT MISTI Italy, the project benefits from the patronage of the MIT Alumni Club of Italy, the UNESCO Club of Benevento and the Dante Alighieri Società Benevento Committee.

Here the testimony of Paola Rebusco Physics lecturer at MIT

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