54 doctoral positions for research in Benevento

There is time until September 15 to participate in the selection for doctoral courses at the University of Sannio. UNISANNIO has announced a total of 54 places for doctorates in "Person, Market, Institutions", in "Sciences and Technologies for the Environment and Health", in "Information Technologies for Engineering". There are 45 scholarships available. This year, in addition to traditional doctorates and the now customary opening to fellows from foreign countries and international mobility programs, the offer is enriched with projects funded under the PNRR.

"This is a unique opportunity - explains Rector Gerardo Canfora - to come and do research in Benevento, in an informal, culturally stimulating and open to contamination environment. We are convinced, as Louis de Broglie said, that scientific research, although almost constantly guided by reasoning, is still an adventure. A UNISANNIO - continues prof. Camphor - we believe that scientific excellence is the result of the ability to integrate at different levels: between different disciplines, between theoretical approaches and empirical research, between research and higher education, between university research and industrial research. In our doctoral programs we are constantly striving to create an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation capable of helping the independent development of each doctoral student in terms of knowledge, skills, passion and creativity ".

The Person, Market and Institutions PhD aims at a qualified and cutting-edge training in the legal and economic disciplines, in an interdisciplinary context characterized by the interaction between theoretical-applicative training and experience. 16 positions available, of which 14 with scholarship.

The Research Doctorate in Information Technologies for Engineering is aimed at acquiring theoretical, experimental, methodological and technological tools, traditional but above all innovative, to be used in the field of modeling, design, prototyping / simulation and experimentation of technologies of information and their application to complex computer, mechanical, energy, electrical systems and civil works in the natural or built environment. 27 positions are available, of which 21 with scholarships.

The PhD in Environmental and Health Sciences and Technologies is a high-level training opportunity for young graduates in different scientific disciplines. In particular, it trains experts capable of carrying out technological-environmental research activities with implications also for applications in the field of health and safety of the environment. 11 positions available, of which 10 with scholarships.

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