Meeting gazes. Proximity journalism for the story of rights is the title of the meeting that featured the Italian-Syrian journalist and photographer Asmae Dachan on April 26 at the University of Sannio. The images of her shots have made the story of facts and people in difficult countries even more real where war, misery and natural disasters challenge human rights every day.
Asmae has always relied on proximity journalism which has led her to travel to the places of her reports because, she said, "only by contact with people and with direct testimonies can one free oneself from the scaffolding of prejudices that condition the our view of the world". Asmae Dachan's journey into truth has already reached numerous stages, having worked in Italy, Turkey, Syria, Greece, Jordan, England, Belgium, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sudan.

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Many stories emerged from the images he gave to the public of students: those of the Syrian children gathered in makeshift schools with desks without supports because the wood was used to heat the winter, of the Iranian woman fleeing after a demonstration, of the improbable field hospital with bunk beds for war mutilated, of the center for disabled children abandoned in landfills or fields in Tanzania, of child brides in Ethiopia, of the young pregnant woman who fled Sudan for an arranged marriage she never wanted, of the father Syrian who has lost sons and arms in the war; of gender-based violence in Tanzania.

Asmae Dachan speaks to young people in schools and universities with the aim of going beyond geographical borders to spread the truth and rediscover the value of human life.

“I strongly wanted this meeting – said the Rector Gerardo Canfora - . There has been talk of places of war, of social tensions, of obscurantist regimes that deny the most elementary human rights, places looted by international interests, where education is a luxury that few can afford, gender-based violence is still too widespread a phenomenon , where even getting the water necessary for survival is a huge effort. Words and images in front of which one cannot remain indifferent, turn one's gaze away. Testimonies that concern us closely, because, as stated in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, there can be no sustainable development without peace, nor peace without sustainable development".

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