Ex Battistine: the work of the SHERIL project is underway

The renovation of the Ex Battistine building of the University of Sannio in Benevento started on 21 December 2022, as part of the SHERIL project. 580 days are foreseen for the completion of the works.

The redevelopment of the Ex Battistine building is part of a large project to create a Center called SHERIL (Samnium Heritage Innovation Lab) aimed at research activities, technology transfer, advanced training, and business creation in the sector of knowledge, protection and enhancement of tangible and intangible cultural heritage with a multidisciplinary approach that provides for a close interconnection between the humanities and STEM.

The Center's objective is to develop knowledge and skills relating to what technology, artificial intelligence and digital services can provide to cultural heritage, in partnership with public bodies, local universities and companies.
Functional, energy and structural interventions are planned for the building. Scientific laboratories, expo halls and multipurpose halls, advanced training classrooms and offices will be built. Action will be taken not only for anti-seismic adaptation but also to reduce the environmental impact, redeveloping the complex at an NZEB (Nearly zero-energy buildings) energy level. Significant interventions on the surrounding green areas are also planned.

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