Geo-Paleontological Summer School

The first Unisannio Geopaleontological Summer School took place from 29th to 31st August. Enthusiastic students were engaged in Pietraoja and surroundings between lectures of Sannio University's professors and excursions to the numerous sites of geopaleontological interest in the Matese area. The initiative took place in collaboration with the Ente Geopaleontologico di Pietraroja.
Three PhD students in geology from the University of Rome La Sapienza, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and Sannio University participated in the work, thanks to the contribution made available by the Italian Paleontological Society.
"Breathtaking lessons, immersed in nature to look at geology and paleontology in different ways - these are some comments released by the participants - and to discover the enormous riches of the territories explored". The boys visited the Paleolab of Pietraroja and the site of the discovery of the dinosaur Scipionyx samniticus then they left for Cava Canale, the bauxite mine of Regia Piana, Lake Matese and the gorges of the Titerno.
"Students will return to school with a wealth of important knowledge that they will be able to transfer to their mates and family - explained the director of Unisannio Science and Technology Department Maria Moreno - I especially want to thank, together with the coordinator of the Summer School, Professor Ornella Amore, the Ente Geopaleontologico di Pietarroja, in the person of President Gennaro Santamaria, who supported the initiative. Collaboration between institutions is fundamental in a small but resourceful territory such as the Sannio one. We hope to be able to propose new editions of the summer school, expand participation at national and international level ".
I express my satisfaction with the worthy initiative taken in collaboration with the University of Sannio - declared the president of the Ente Geopaleontologico diPietraroja Gennaro Santamaria -. These are activities that fall fully within the scope of our organization. We hope for the future involvement of other university institutions in Campania and in the Country ".

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