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DEMM teaching offer

DEMM offes degree courses in the areas of Law, Economics e Statistics.

The single-cycle master's degree program in Law has three different highly specialized curricula: Law in action, Law and Economics (possibility of a double master's degree in 6 years in Law and Economics and Management), European and International Studies (possibility of Double Degree with Spain).

Attention to business management, banking and tourism services, and public administration with the three-year degrees in the economic area, the degree course in Business Economics and the one in Banking and Financial Economics followed by a Master's degree course in Economics and Management. High employment opportunities are offered by the three-year and master's degree courses in Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, the only one in southern Italy that also opens up to the profession of Actuary.


Department of ENGINEERING (DING)


DING teaching offer

DING, recognized as the Department of Excellence for scientific research, was born and evolves in constant contact with the world of production.

Here you can study Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering for Automation and Telecommunications, Energy Engineering, Computer Engineering. These three-year courses find continuity in the corresponding master's degree courses active at the University of Sannio. Moreover, if you want to deepen the issues concerning Biomedical Engineering, you cen choose the master's degree course in Biomedical Engineering.





DST teaching offer

The DST delivers degree courses with a focus on Life Sciences and Earth Sciences.

In addition to the degree courses in Biotechnology and Biological Sciences and the master's degree courses in Biology and Genetic and Molecular Biotechnology, the training offer also includes a new professionalizing degree course in Food Technologies for confectionery production. DST also offers the three-year degree course in Geology for environmental sustainability and the master's course in Geotechnology for resources, the environment and risks allowing to deepen highly topical issues for the study of the evolution of our planet with surveys direct on the ground and laboratory analysis.


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