The nativity of the Cloister of Santa Sofia reproduced in 3D

Cutting-edge technology, history of art and symbols of Christianity met in the Cloister of the Sannio Museum attached to the Lombard Church of Santa Sofia - Unesco Heritage in Benevento.

The pulvinus n. 1 of the Cloister, called "Nativity", in which some very ancient scenes of the Birth of Jesus can be found and visible according to tradition, will become the three-dimensional symbol of Christmas in Benevento.

On the initiative of the Municipality of Benevento, Department of Culture, and thanks to the institutional collaboration of the University of Sannio and the province of Benevento, Rete museale, together with Sannio Europa, a research group from the Engineering Department of UniSannio has scanned for the 3D reproduction of a pulvinus of the Cloister of Santa Sofia, in which an evocative and symbolic image of the nativity is depicted, to create a scale reproduction to be made visible and usable to the public in promoting the cultural heritage of the city by combining it with symbolism of the values ​​of Christmas as a rebirth even after the crisis caused by the pandemic.


The reproduction will be exhibited in the area in front of the Church of Santa Sofia, flanked by two screens that will retrace the meticulous scanning work and reveal every detail.

The technical-scientific support of the Optoelectronics and Nanophotonics Center for Human Health, emanating from the Cerict (Regional Center for Information and Communication Technology) is fundamental. The working group is coordinated by the teacher Andrea Cusano, flanked by Alberto Micco, Antonio Iele, Francesco Bruno and Giancarlo Luongo.

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