NeaPolis Innovation Summer Campus

Awards for Unisannio student projects at the HackFest of the Neapolis Innovation Summer Campus. More than 110 students from the 5 universities of Campania, the University of Cassino and the Polytechnic of Bari took part in the event that took place from 29 August to 8 September at STMicroelectronics in Arzano. The University of Sannio has been present with 12 students of computer engineering and electronic engineering courses for automation and telecommunications, and this year has also collected two prizes from the jury: special mention of the assessor Fascione for the Navibelt project and special mention of the tutors for the Easy Shop project. The initiative aims to bring students closer to the use of platforms based on 32-bit microcontrollers and, after a preliminary part of seminars and individual work, the participants are teamed up to design and develop a project. The work groups were 30 this year and presented their projects to the HackFest jury, an annual hackathon that takes place in conjunction with the end of the NeaPolis Innovation Summer Campus. The jury, made up of ST experts, representatives of the Campania Region, universities and the world of associations, and chaired by the assessor for innovation Valeria Fascione, awarded four groups, in which three Unisannio students were present. In particular, the B1 group with Carmen Compare and Daniela Zendoli of the University of Sannio, Damiano Morra and Agostino Carratù of the Federico II University of Naples, won and received the HackFest award: the special mention " Neapolis Innovation Technology Day ”, presenting the NAVIBELT project. NAVIBELT is an AID SUPPORT belt designed for people with visual disturbances, such as: low vision and blindness. The device allows more autonomous movements in the surrounding space, captures potential obstacles and interfaces with the user through sound feedbacks, vibrations and an innovative Braille notification system. The In the C3S Squad Team was present the other Unisannio student, Benedetta Sansone, who together with Marco Caianiello, Nadia Cenatiempo, and Gianluca Covino from UniNa received the special mention of the tutors for the Easy Shop project. It is a device designed to optimize spending times and the customer experience. It can be used in queue management (both at the counter and at the counter), the shopping list, the shopping cart and the position of the goods. In the future it could include monitoring customer behavior with sensors. The Unisannio also saw students in this edition: Francesco Anzoino, Domenico Antonio Di Biase, Ivan Festa, Gabriele Fioretti, Andrea Garau, Carlo Giannini, Giuseppe Renzo, Alessia Rivellini, Benedetta Sansone, Alberto Sanzari.

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