Riviera Electric Challenge: the UNISANNIO electric car

The University of Sannio also participates in the Riviera Electric Challenge. On 14 and 15 September the sustainable mobility event will cross France, Italy and the Principality of Monaco. The UNISANNIO electric car will testify to the University's green commitment.
The objective of the competition is, in fact, to raise public awareness on the reduction of pollution, promoting electric mobility and an ecological and conscious driving style.
The crew of the University of Sannio, composed of prof. Daniele Davino and the student of the Master's Degree in Energy Engineering Chiara Martone, thanks to the precious collaboration of the DR Industry who provided a DR EVO 3 ELECTRIC free of charge. All this was made possible by the engineer Roberto Romano, first graduate in Energy Engineering from Unisannio, who by interceding with his company DR has once again demonstrated the attachment of former students to the Samnite university.
With this participation, the University of Sannio manifests its primary interest in the "ecological" transition of the individual transport sector, which is responsible for considerable consumption of fossil fuels. "In the university - says Maurizio Sasso, professor of Technology of renewable sources and promoter of the initiative - there are research groups strongly committed to the development, dissemination and technology transfer of the Renewable Energy Communities (CER) that will be able to carry out in the near future a fundamental role for powering full-electric vehicles through the spread of recharging points, an evident limit to E-Mobility, powered by non-fossil electricity. In this regard, the co-driver Martone is completing her internship with the design of the CER of Dolceacqua, one of the stages of the event ".

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Percorso Riviera Electric Challenge

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