Strategy@Work is back: cycle of corporate testimonials

Promote a reflection on the critical aspects for the success of a strategy and a company, from the selection of talents to the promotion of a strong organizational culture: this is the objective of Strategy@Work, a cycle of testimonials and company visits organized at the Department of Law, Economics Management and Quantitative Methods (DEMM) of the University of Sannio.
The initiative, now in its ninth edition, is promoted by professors Gilda Antonelli and Angelo Riviezzo, as part of the activities of MisTer EnLab, a laboratory for the promotion of entrepreneurial culture  of the University of Sannio.

There are four appointments scheduled for the 2023 edition of Strategy@Work.

  • The first appointment, scheduled for March 29, is with Ilenia Robusto, Deloitte Consulting partner, and Alessandro Lizzi, Deloitte Digital partner, to explore strategies and approaches to talent management by one of the most important global management consulting networks .
  • The second appointment, scheduled for April 5, is with Giovanni Caturano, managing director of Innovazione Mare Group. Initially focused on the automotive sector, through partnerships and the creation of innovative startups within the Group, Mare now offers integrated services for the implementation of technological, organizational and managerial innovation processes. It is among the top 30 innovative SMEs in Italy.
  • The third appointment, scheduled for May 3, is with José Sales Grade, CEO Giunti Psychometrics, European leader in psychological assessment services. The company develops innovative psychological assessment solutions for all sectors in which they are used (clinical services, human resource management, educational and counseling services).
  • The fourth and final appointment, scheduled for May 10, is a visit to the SLAMP headquarters in Pomezia (Rome) which will culminate in a meeting with Luca Mazza, general director of the company. Slamp produces decorative design lamps. In the new headquarters, inaugurated in 2019, it will be possible to walk the "Via della luce", a sensory and experiential journey that will allow students to discover how a lamp is born, from concept to shipment.

The testimonies are scheduled in the Aula Magna, University Complex in Via delle Puglie 82.

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