At UNISANNIO the international conference ARES

The 18th edition of ARES, The International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security, starts on 29 August at the University of Sannio. Until 1 September at the Sant'Agostino Complex 300 researchers from universities, research centers and companies from all over the world will discuss the most recent developments, challenges and solutions in the field of information security. Last year the Conference was held in Vienna.
The experts and researchers who will participate in ARES have submitted a series of scientific works resulting from their research and their in-depth studies on the challenges and solutions in the field of data, network and application security.

The wide variety of topics covered demonstrates the complexity and diversity of challenges facing the cybersecurity community. From newly emerging threats to critical infrastructure protection, from advanced cryptography to intrusion detection techniques, researchers are making significant contributions to understanding and mitigating cyber risks.

The presentation and discussion of these works during the ARES conference will allow experts to share their findings, exchange ideas and collaborate on new innovative solutions. These events are critical to keeping the cybersecurity community on the cutting edge and advancing the security of digital technologies in an ever-changing landscape.

The General Chair of the conference is prof. Corrado Aaron Visaggio, who teaches Network and Software Systems Security at the University of Sannio. Involved in the organization fifteen students of the Sannio University. Sponsors of the event are the companies Pynlab, TycheLab and Scuola La Tecnica.

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