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Profilo e sbocchi professionali

The doctoral program (Ph.D.) in Science and Technology for the Environment and Health, established by the XXIX Cycle (academic year 2013-14), was designed to provide high-level training and research opportunities for graduates in different scientific disciplines  

The title of PhD in "Sciences and Technologies for the Environment and Health", allows access to post-doc positions at national and international academic institutions, to cover positions in government agencies, private institutions, research centers and companies, operating in the fields of technologies applied to the study of the territory, the environment and health, biomedicine, bio-health and environmental protection.

Requisiti di ammissione

Admission to the Doctoral program takes place on the basis of a public selection ("Call for applications" ("Bando di concorso" in Italian), which must be completed by September 30th of each year. The application for participation can be presented, without citizenship limitations, by those who are in possession of a master's degree.


Modalità prova finale

The "Ph.D." title is issued following the positive evaluation of a research thesis that contributes to the knowledge and/or methodologies advancement in the chosen field of investigation. The doctoral thesis is written in English or in another language with the authorization of the Academic Board. The thesis is evaluated by two highly qualified exeperts, appointed by Rector's Decree on the proposal of the Academic Board. The evaluators express a written judgment on the thesis, and  propose their admission to public discussion or postponement for a period not exceeding six months, if they consider significant additions or corrections to be necessary.

The public discussion takes place in front of a commission appointed by the Rector on the proposal of the Academic Board and composed of three members chosen from among the professors and researchers, specifically qualified in the disciplines of the scientific areas of the doctoral program. At least two members must belong to universities, including foreign ones, not participating in the Doctoral program and must not be members of the Academic Board.

At the end of the discussion, the thesis, with a justified collegial written judgment, is approved or rejected. The commission, with unanimous vote, has the faculty to graduated "cum laude" , in presence of results of particular scientific importance, . The University of Sannio issues the Doctor Europaeus certificate according to the regulations of the CRUI and of the European University Association (EUA) at the request of the doctoral student in possession of the specific requirements.