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The of Computer Engineering Degree aims at educating professionals with a basic cultural background, a knowledge spanning different areas of engineering, and deep competence in computer science, with the twofold purpose of fostering an effective inclusion in the world of work shortly and to build a solid basis for a following detailed study at upper levels of the education path.

The education profile of the graduate in Computer Engineering is designed for allowing the graduate to be suddenly able to take part to tasks like design,implementation, production, deployment, and maintenance of elaboration systems and networks of computers, software systems, and industry automation systems; supervision and management of organizations and laboratories operating in the area of computer science and enterprise information systems; support tasks to planning, promotion, and sales of software or hardware  products and services along with technical support.

The first year includes the study of the basic disciplines in the area of mathematics, physics, and computer science, organization management, along with the study of English.

The second year includes, beyond the detailed study of computer science, the study of automation engineering, electrotechnics,  electronics and telecommunication.

The third year, beyond a further detailed study of computer science and electronic measures, includes two alternative orientations, one towards the computer engineering while the other one towards automation engineering.

The education curriculum is completed with exams at the student’s choice, and, optionally with an external apprenticeship.




    Profilo e sbocchi professionali

    • Developer and manager of computers and computers networks
    • Developer and manager of systems and services in web-based environment
    • Developer of software systems and software products with a strong emphasis on web-based and object oriented technologies
    • Developer of integrated systems of acquisition, elaboration and control
    • Developer and manager of data elaboration centers.