UNISANNIO in the Departments of Excellence 2023/2027

The University of Sannio, with the Department of Engineering, enters the list of 19 Departments of Excellence of State Universities, included in the "Industrial and Information Engineering" Area by the Ministry of University and Research, for the five-year period 2023- 2027.

A significant recognition for UNISANNIO research. A few hours ago, the MUR published on its institutional website the list of the overall 180 Departments of Excellence 2023-2027 in the 14 CUN (National University Council) areas eligible for funding. These are Departments that stand out for the quality of the research produced and for the quality of the development project, to which a total annual budget of 271 million euros is allocated.

The news of this prestigious result was welcomed by the rector Gerardo Canfora with satisfaction, the day after the other important funding of 6 and a half million euros from the MUR for university construction. “The UNISANNIO Engineering Department, already of Excellence in the previous selection of 2017, reconfirms its leadership on the national scene, in a highly competitive context – says prof. Canfora -. I would like to thank all my colleagues for the fruitful teamwork and for the achievement of a result that once again attests to the growing value of our University in the area".

"The project, funded for about 9 million euros - explains the director of the Department of Engineering Nicola Fontana - provides, among the many actions, for the construction of new laboratories with cutting-edge scientific equipment that will make it possible to further improve not only research, but also also the didactic activities, in order to make the University of Sannio more and more attractive. It is a result of great prestige, which rewards the daily commitment of our teaching class, researchers and all staff".

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